Enhance your Facility Management with Agility and Confidence

Your employees can move seamlessly back and forth from the home and the office. Leverage technology and data to balance the needs of your people, space and portfolio as you shape the future of work.

Leverage technology and data to balance the needs of your people, space and portfolio as you shape the future of work.

What your assets ask for is a consistent schedule of maintenance and repair, and the only way to ensure that everything is set up and systematized correctly and on time is to bring in CFMS software. Provide data-rich task orders to your team so they always know what to do and when to do it.

Strong workflows that capture and share data in real-time are the foundation of facility management. After that, you’ll need dependable techniques to crunch the numbers in order to gain a deeper understanding of your operations. Lockated holds your hand at every step of the way, automating tasks and ensuring that your data is secure and searchable.

Fast-track Inventory Management

To keep operations flowing continuously, what you need is around the correct part at the correct time and at the optimum cost. And the only way you get all three is to use a proactive inventory management solution that automates the process.

  • Track and Update Inventory Level

    Lockated allows you to define minimum and maximum levels, track and update them automatically, and notify you when you’re running short of inventory.

  • Automate the Optimum Inventory level

    When you’re ready to place an order, Lockated’s inventory management solution sits beside you to automate the procedure of the ordering and thereafter carrying the inventory.

  • Saves the Ordering and Carrying Cost

    By maintaining the optimum level of inventory and keeping track and recording the inventory items, it saves both ordering and carrying cost at optimum level.

Streamlined Response time to Maintenance needs

When a technician is assigned a work order for any maintenance duty, they receive a personalized notification on their smartphone. Managers can assign a priority level to each task with an expected completion time, along with any necessary checklists or documents, to ensure that it is completed quickly and in a compliant manner.

  • Transparent and Role-based Visibility of Work Orders

    Managers with any handy device create and approve work orders, implement preventative maintenance with updates, alerts, and notes ensures team accountability.

  • Centralized Maintenance Requests

    Allow anyone to submit and track an infinite number of work requests from their mobile device, a desktop on a company-specific internet portal, or via email.

  • In-depth Instructions with Checklist for Audits

    Add inspection jobs to your checklists, and assign them to relevant technicians. Failure inspections can be automated to generate follow-up work orders.

Envisioned Decisions with Maintenance Reporting

A CMMS allows you to gather, analyze, and act on data related to maintenance. With one-click reporting, you can acquire the information you need to make informed decisions that will help you discover problems and solutions, calculate maintenance ROI, and save time and effort.

  • Customize your dashboards to see real-time KPIs

    Identify the KPIs you think best, works to analyze the work orders to calculate the maintenance ROI and set up a dashboard accordingly.

  • Prepare logs for maintenance and auditing

    Keep recording and saving all the logs of each activity for making your maintenance and audit activity smooth and seamlessly accurate.

  • Produce reports on your maintenance activities

    Generate customized reports of maintenance activities to analyze the problem and solution applied and resources allocated to solve it to find the cost of each activity.

Put the most User-Friendly Hybrid Software in Action

Maintain your Facility from Web & App Enabled Devices

  • With a mobile facility maintenance solution, you can centralize all of your work requests

  • Never squander time hunting for a job. Free requesters can submit an unlimited number of work requests and track the status of their requests.

  • Using a timer, technicians may quickly keep track of every time spent on jobs. Managers can build realistic Preventive Maintenance schedules using reliable data collected directly from technicians’ smartphones.

  • Reduce distractions and get more work done. Comments and updates on the status of work orders should take the place of radio chatter and phone calls.